Find craft brewing machinery made in the UK at TT Optimal

TT Optimal is a specialist in small scale packaging lines for canning, bottling and kegging machines. Our knowledge on beer filling and packaging has enabled us to create the perfect machines for the craft brewing industry.

We have developed the CanStar micro canning system, CarboStar in-line carbonation system for Kegging or canning beer.

We pride ourselves in being specialists in beverage packing equipment and machinery.  We are able to provide micro beer bottling and canning systems, ideal for craft brewing,  which are made in the UK, using UK sourced standard industry parts making long term support and services very straight forward.


Whether its about a filling or kegging machine or a service we offer, drop us a message today.

    Our filling and kegging machines are a perfect match for the craft brewing industry.


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    Specialising in canning, carbonating and kegging equipment.

    TT Optimal specialise in the development and supply of machinery for bottling, canning and kegging.  We have a vast amount of experience in industry machinery and our focus is on small capacity machines which server the craft brewing market perfectly.

    Our focus has been to create both a compact and robust carbonator / key filler and again a compact and high quality craft beer can filling machine (bottle filling machine coming soon).  Our CarboStar and CanStar machines are high standard, small capacity (600 cans per hour) machines.  Get in touch with the team at TT Optimal today to enquire about purchasing and installing your machines today.