Complete Automatic Bottling Line

3000 Bottles Per Hour

All Equipment Included

Complete Automatic Bottling Line- £92,000

Full Details

  • Complete automatic bottling line capacity 3000 bottles per hour
  • Bottle sizes handled 330ml and 500ml
  • Counter pressure filling system for carbonated products
Equipment Included:
  • Kosme 3 station rotary pressure sensitive labeller (body, neck and back labels)
  • PALI 12-12-3 monobloc rotary filler in clean enclosure (rinser-filler-crowner)
  • Air knife bottle drier in enclosure
  • Cheops tray and shrink wrap machine set up for 8 pack 2×4
  • Bottle and tray conveyors
  • Control system with Siemens S7 PLC
  • Built 2008/9
  • Complete with manuals and spare parts.
All Equipment Included

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Tray packer Film Wrapper


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