Craft Scale Keg Filling System


Craft Scale Keg Filling System

The MicroKeg machine is an automatic keg filler for low capacity applications. It can take beer from a conditioning vessel/tank filter and carbonate in line and fill directly into kegs.

The MicroKeg uses the latest gas exchange technology to carbonate the product, hollow tube membrane contactors transfer CO2 into the product under pressure. This method allows CO2 to dissolve at higher liquid temperatures than most other methods, so carbonation can take place at temperatures ranging from 0-10C.

  • The system includes filters, pump, system controls and one filling station.
  • Capacity approx 3.5 litres per minute all skid mounted on a trolley with swing bend routing for filter selection and CIP routes.

Operation is semi-automatic, the operator connects a keg and opens the filling valve and can walk away while the keg is filled. An alarm sounds when the keg is full and a new keg can be connected.

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