From repairs to factory optimisation to relocating machinery

TT Optimal Services

A little more about our services

At TT Optimal we offer a wide range of different services, everything from simple repairs, to factory optimisation, relocating machinery, and modifying line layouts and controls. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s an example of typical project:

A customer approached me with a long term problem of line performance and high losses on a PET bottling line.

After spending a few days observing the issues they faced and talking with their operators and engineering team and a 4 stage strategy was developed.

An experienced team of mechanical and controls specialists was chosen for the project.

Stage 1 design and test modified components for filling and beverage processing.

Stage 2 carry out modifications and commission the changes.

Stage 3 review the outcome and look for further opportunities to improve the system.

Stage 4 commission all modification and provide training.

The project was completed over a 4 month period, working closely with the customers engineering team as a joint effort.

The final result was a staggering 150% increase in line performance, with materials losses vastly reduced. Giving the customer, operators and engineering team a much improved plant…..

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